MachineTruth Use Cases


Compliance and General Network Best Practices

Up to date and accurate network documentation is a requirement for best practices, and nearly all compliance baselines. MachineTruth creates the modern, auditor-friendly documentation you need to breeze through your next audit.

Plus, you can't defend and manage what you don't know you have...


Mergers and Acquisition Engagements

You need to know exactly what the network you bought contains, how it's configured and when it's ready to connect to your primary network. You need the truth - the MachineTruth - to make sure that what you bought isn't a risk to what you do today.


Network Segmentation and Separation Projects

Breaking a network apart is never easy. To avoid downtime, you need to know exactly what talks to what, how and how to optimize the access controls that manage those communications. Whether your creating enclaves, or breaking apart companies, MachineTruth is the easy and safe way to make it happen.

For more information, see our white paper here.

Support for Information Security and Incident Response Teams

Up to date, complete network inventories, maps and trust documentation is a boon for information security teams. It supports their day-to-day operations, plus makes a huge difference for incident response, disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives.

Security teams love MachineTruth and the documentation it can provide. Quite simply, it makes their work a whole lot easier, faster and more effective. When moments count, like in InfoSec, updated MachineTruth inventories and network maps can mean the difference between an incident and a loss event.


Cloud Migrations, Cloud Lifting & Data Center Virtualization

Before you virtualize or migrate your systems to the cloud, it is imperative to understand the current architecture, data flows, access control requirements and trust relationships. This knowledge often means the difference between easy, within-budget migrations and over-budget failures.

Before you virtualize or cloud lift those systems or the data center, MachineTruth can give you the understanding and analysis to make the trasition trivial.


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