MachineTruth™ is the Easy and Safe Way to Inventory, Analyze, Segment and Map Your Network Environment


Is This Your Network Documentation?

Over the past 25+ years as security auditors, our team has seen a ton of incorrect, out-of-date or just plain non-existent network documentation.

We know how hard it is to build, maintain and socialize the current device inventory and network map with traditional approaches. We've experienced, first hand, the struggles of analyzing routing, authentication sources, network traffic flows and trying to optimize the various access controls needed to understand and document complex networks.

We knew there had to be a better way, and we set out to create it.

MachineTruth is the result of our extensive experience with client networks, frustration with the interview process and the pain of "walking the wire" just to figure out what is out there…

What Is MachineTruth?


A Service for Performing Offline, Passive Device and Network Analysis

MSI's network architecture analysis background is in critical networks, ICS, SCADA and other highly sensitive environments. When gathering data on the network architecture, we knew the last thing IT teams wanted to use was another appliance or agent to install and manage.

Our analysis, modeling and mapping is 100% offline, completely passive and adds no risk, network load or downtime potential to your environment.

A Way to Accurately Inventory and Map Your Network

Leveraging the power of machine learning, we are able to analyze device configurations, routing tables, DNS data and traffic patterns from your existing devices to derive the true state of the network environment, as the machines see it.

No more forgotten segments, shadow IT projects or struggling with engineer misunderstandings. MachineTruth removes the mystery, inaccuracies and unknowns of even the largest and most complex networks.


And So Much More...

Offline analysis and modeling of the network allows for a wide variety of data crunching and "what-if" scenarios. From proving compliance to optimizing segmentation approaches and from security hardening advice to creating auditor-friendly documentation - MachineTruth increases your capabilities without increasing overhead and staffing requirements.

Further, Analysis as a Service subscriptions, provides you with as needed updates, the ability to have our analysts create various deliverables in new ways and support your initiatives for the long haul.

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