What Is "Machine Truth"?

This service offering leverages the power of MSI’s proprietary TigerTrax™ analytics platform to parse, correlate and visualize the configurations (and packet logs (if desired)) from the routers, switches and firewalls of your network “en masse”. 

Our security and analytics teams then create detailed maps of the network as seen from the eyes of the machines, document the various network segments and their relationships, build a hierarchy of powerful machines and segments, identify hardening techniques that could help your organization better secure your network and provide insights into the gap between your organization’s “common wisdom” versus the real environment.

We can even teach “Close The Gap” sessions to help re-align your team’s “common wisdom” with “machine truth” and to help socialize the new knowledge to other groups.

To learn more about a Machine Truth engagement, or to see how our technology can assist you, please give us a call at 614-388-9197 or email us at sales@microsolved.com today!

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